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BandPage is an internet site that helps musicians manage their online presence.   In 2012, BandPage was the largest non-gaming Facebook application.   Over 500,000 artists use BandPage to publish their music, photos, videos and tour dates to dozens of web endpoints, including Facebook and a custom website.
At BandPage, I was the sole Senior Product Manager for almost a year.  Most of the BandPage products developed over 2012-2013 were designed, specified and developed under my direction.   This included a complete rewrite of the Content Management System, integration into Pandora Internet Radio, and a complete artist marketplace called BandPage Experiences.   All fan-facing products were compatible with all modern browsers and mobiles devices.

Leveraging the vast amount of Artist content at BandPage, we developed a customized concert calendar in partnership with Pandora Internet Radio.
I led the product team to develop this tight integration which displays shows from a user's favorite Pandora artists.  I worked closely with Pandora Product Managers to ensure the design and styles were compatible with their corporate image.
BandPage content displays when a user clicks on a show to see its details.


BandPage Experiences is a feature that lets bands put a one-of-a-kind memory, or experience up for sale.   This product was a full-fledged marketplace for musicians, complete with offer creation, payment processing and purchase flows.
We implemented this product in record time.  The entire offer creation and management system, purchase flow, web and mobile interfaces were specced and implemented in just over 6 weeks.
The platform has already generated tens of thousands of dollars with top-tier artists including Ozzy Osbourne, Third Eye Blind, Easton Corbin and Anberlin


BandPage Experiences required a complex offer creation and management system.  I designed and specced this entire portion of the product.


  • Offer Creation

  • Photo / Video Uploader

  • Event / Location / Tour management

  • Customized input fields

  • Pricing, quantity, payment methods

  • Promote flow, including Facebook and Twitter preview.


This was a massive product, and something I am very proud of.


In late 2012, I worked with a team of designers to completely recreate the BandPage content management system.   This was another massive project, but I believe we created a world-class content manager for musical artists.
I was responsible for feature set definition and specification, logical flows, error cases, product socialization and final acceptance. 


  • About / Profile Editor

  • Music uploader and manager

  • Photo / Video manager

  • Tour Events Editor and manager

  • Content syndication manager

  • Account settings, billing, subscriptions

  • Facebook app editor and installer

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